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Custom Storage Locker Solutions

  • Our custom storage locker solutions are the most economical storage locker solution around.

  • We use our highly durable swing doors and corrugated galvanized steel for the walls.

  • End channels are formed from 20 gauge galvanized steel for maximum protection.

  • Download our instructions on how you can make your own storage locker!


Example of a Installation of three lockers in a row is below.

Storage Locker Features:

Photo Gallery:

Painted door in frame

Row of three Doors

Just opened

Inside a locker


Showing inside unit back of door, also show the nut to anchor door

Bottom of door, inside unit

Showing the covered bends


Front of units, showing screws used to hold interior wall

Inside of unit, showing the back wall fastened to the corrugated locker wall

Lock installed on door